EPISODE 13: Barefoot Bluejean Night

Today we are very fortunate to have 2 songwriters who come from very different backgrounds before they started working together, Dylan Altman and Eric Paslay. And they brought a very special instrument…

EPISODE 12: Give It All We Got Tonight

I’m so glad to be here with you today with 2 amazing songwriters to talk about the stories behind a hit they wrote for George Strait called “Give It All We Got Tonight.”

EPISODE 11: crazy in love

It has been such a privilege to sit here for 3 episodes straight now with one of Nashville’s biggest songwriters: Even Stevens. We are gonna wrap up today with a couple more songs and some of the funniest stories… even a little bit of scandal from back when he was a self-proclaimed hippie?

EPISODE 10: love will turn you around

Welcome to episode 1O of Stories Behind The Songs. Thanks for going on this ride with us, back in time to hear from all of these amazing songwriters as they share the stories of creation – the stories behind the songs. This is part 2 of a 3 episode series with Even Stevens, and today we are gonna chat with Even about a Kenny Rogers song that came out in 1982.

EPISODE 9: Love A Rainy Night/Drivin’ My Life Away

We are here at episode 9 of this podcast. So far we have chatted with Aaron Barker, Danny Myrick, Bridgett Tatum, Wynn Varble, and Kendell Marvell… and I know those aren’t household names to all of you. But if you love country music, the songs they wrote is what you DO know. Toady we are talking with Even Stevens.

EPISODE 8: Either Way

Here at the BMI Theatre in Nashville for round 2 with country songwriter Kendell Marvell. We're talking about a song that is fairly new to us, but Kendell wrote it a long time ago and it was even recorded by another artist years ago…, Leann Womack was the first one to record it, and hers was stellar.

EPISODE 7: right where i need to be

Today, I’m here at the BMI Theatre in Nashville with Kendell Marvell, and we’re gonna talk about a song that he wrote the very first day he moved to Nashville…


This is part 3 of our series with songwriter Wynn Varble. Last week we talked about A Little More Country Than That, and how many years that song sat on a shelf before Easton Corbin picked it up. Today I wanna ask you about one of the biggest songs of your career, Waitin On A Woman.

EPISODE 5: A Little More Country Than That

This is part 2 of a 3 part series with songwriter Wynn Varble. Last week we talked about the hit you wrote with Daryl Worly called Have You Forgotten. Today I’d like to chat about a more recent song that was a huge hit for Easton Corbin, his first single back in 2OO9 and his first number one. A song that has a lotta truth in it… or does it?

EPISODE 4: Have You Forgotten

Today I am so excited to begin a 3 part series with a man who needs no introduction around here in Nashville, he has written for so many country superstars. Wynn Varble. In this episode we’re gonna get the story behind a song that he co-wrote with the singer himself, and it generated a fair amount of controversy.

EPISODE 3: She's COuntry

Today we will get into the method of songwriters coming together, and how our two guests, Danny Myrick and Bridgette Tatum, joined forces to write the smash hit “She’s Country” for Jason Aldean.

EPISODE 2: love without end

We talk with legendary songwriter Aaron Barker, and one of the secrets Aaron’s gonna reveal is which line in “Love Without End, Amen” did George Strait actually ask him to change the lyrics to?


Legendary Songwriter Aaron Barker talks about one of the first songs he ever wrote called “Baby Blue,” that was a #1 hit for George Strait. Aaron tells us how the song came to be, about his struggles at that time, and how it changed his life.

PREVIEW: b-SIde with AARon barker

Just like real life though, sometimes we go off on a bit of a tangent. So every now and then I’m gonna throw you a B-Side. Kind of a side story. In this B-Side episode, songwriter Aaron Barker, who wrote classics such as Baby Blue and Love Without End, Amen for George Strait (just to name a couple) gets a little philosophical…